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BIG NEWS! We will be receiving an initial sketch from Adam Turman and Jawsh very soon! We are so excited to see the concept for that gorgeous mural! We can't wait to share this preview with all of our awesome Kickstarter backers who is making the mural possible!

Did you know that murals in the City of MPLS are for beautification only. That means we are not able to have our name or any image of our product on the actual mural.

Well, we still want to let people know where we are! Our new stretch goal will help us get a snazzy custom made sign up on the building so the whole world can see where we are!

We have found that to acquire this snazzy sign we will need a little more kickstarter LOVE! Our new stretch goal is an additional $4,000 for a total goal of $10,000.

Can we do it? We asked Albert, the taproom dog. He said yes!

Adam Turman Albert Jawsh Kickstarter mural

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