So far so good

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We've been open 3 months 1 week and it's about time to start blogging our taproom adventure again as we have had three months to settle into brewery life.
Sam brewed his 50th batch yesterday - an imperial stout that will be over 10% alcohol!  Brewing two to three batches a week - number 50 arrived surprisingly quickly. A big imperial stout is just our style to celebrate this small victory of arriving in the Twin Cities craft beer scene.

The very first batch started just hours after our last city inspection. 

We've been asked countless times 'How's it going?'. Sam's answer to this is 'so far so good.' Mine is 'Great! It's fun!'. Both are true. So far so good to be sure. We have been learning a lot about the industry - which is full of some pretty awesome people - and about running such a public business. AND we have been having fun. It is fun being new and deciding what we want to be. Sam's passion for stand-up comedy has translated into a monthly comedy show that brings in a huge audience and really really good local comics with national standing. We are trying a lot of different things at the taproom - opening it up to local artists - like this Wednesday - we are having a vocal group called Hymnos in to sing old drinking/tavern songs. 

Here are some things we are excited about to look for: 

1.Growlers! Probably our 3rd most popular question (after who is Sisyphus and how's it going).
We expect our growler licence soon! We plan to sell prefilled growlers on a limited basis
2. 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival | Best of the Fest
We are hosting the final show of the Twin Cities only comedy festival!
This Saturday October, 25th at 9.00 pm | tickets $15
 3. Pumpkin Carving Night
Carving and drinking, what could go wrong?!
Join us Wednesday October 29th at 7.30 for a carving contest!
Your $15 ticket includes 1 pumpkin 1 beer and 1 carving kit.




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