Can you believe it?

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Well, we can't! We just hit our goal with still 14 days left to go! 

Just yesterday as I was standing in a circle of men, all with one syllable, nice solid names like, Jim, Pat, and Matt. I was nodding my head to what they were saying. It was a surprise to me that at this meeting of the minds - all of the contractors and subcontractors that will be putting our taproom together - that I could follow along. I've picked up a few things these last couple of months. I now know what a cut-sheet is. I know that cut-sheets are nothing to us unless they have NSF approved stamped on them. I know how many points of egress and parking spaces and toilets are required when trying to open a 100 person capacity taproom in Minneapolis. I know that all of the headaches, changes, and delays can all just about disappear when the words 'permit approved' are scrawled across your 5th set of plans.

BUT what Samuel and I have learned the most, is that the beer world is excited about a small new taproom in Minneapolis. What we have learned is that people are REALLY nice. Like REALLY REALLy nice. That whole MN nice thing - it's real! We have had so many supportive emails and messages pouring in. When the number of names unknown to us on the Kickstarter backer list started to significantly outnumber the names of friends and family we were floored. These complete strangers (for now) were willing to put down some of their hard earned money for something they thought was as cool as we did!

Stay tuned! More updates to come as we finish our Kickstarter journey over the next 2 weeks!

construction Kickstarter mural

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