Sisyphus Brewing Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing Sisyphus Brewing for your event! 


1. Event Booking and Rate

  • Event Space Rental Rate: $250/hour
  • Deposit: $200
  • A deposit is required to confirm and save your date.   
2. Use of Property
  • Rental of the room includes only the indicated space. Restrooms are communal spaces if the taproom and event room are not rented together.
  • Use of the room is available for 30 minutes prior to the event and 30 minutes after the event for set-up and tear-down for no additional charge. This means guests are out by the agreed rental time, and the allotted time afterwards is designated for clean up. Weddings and large events can be given more time if agreed upon beforehand. 
  • Renters are responsible for all set up and tear down. Emptying trash and wiping surfaces is Sisyphus Brewing's responsibility. Please be respectful of the space, and if any issues arise, please let the designated bartender know immediately.
3. Capacity
  • The event space can accommodate up to 100 persons. The taproom can accommodate up to 125 persons. 
4. Catering and Food
  • You may use any catering company you prefer. All catered events must bring their own equipment and serving utensils. 
  • Caterers/Renters must communicate with the designated bartender at the time of the event on where to set up food. All hot foods must be stationed on designated tables, never on bar tops. 
  • The use of propane heaters inside the building is prohibited. 
  • All leftover food and containers must be removed from Sisyphus Brewing at the conclusion of the event. 
  • Any outside liquor/wine must be served through a licensed caterer and must be agreed upon prior to the event.
5. Parking Options
  • Parking is limited. 
  • Free street parking is available as well as spaces in the Dunwoody lot one block south (look for signage indicating this lot) and in the small lot behind the taproom. 
  • There is a city lot located directly across Lyndale Avenue available for public use with a small fee.
6. Vendor Policies
  • The renter is fully responsible for vendors regarding clean up, garbage removal, conduct and damage or excessive cleaning for Sisyphus Brewing staff. 
  • Renter will be solely responsible and may be charged and/or lose all claim to refundable cleaning deposit if the space is left with garbage, decorations or damage. 
7. Noise Level
  • Amplified music must be maintained at a reasonable volume and is only allowed inside the building. 
  • In the taproom, only 1 non-amplified live musician can play at a time. They must perform only original music. 
  • No DJ set-ups (lights/amps etc.) are allowed in the taproom or event space unless previously agreed upon. 
  • Renters may use Sisyphus Brewing’s sound system for music and other A/V needs. 
  • The Sisyphus Brewing staff are authorized to lower the sound provided by the renters if it is deemed too loud.
8. Alcohol Consumption
  • Unless previously agreed upon, there is absolutely no outside alcohol allowed on the Sisyphus Brewing premises. The only alcoholic beverages permitted at the event are the beers provided by Sisyphus Brewing.
  • Any outside containers will be confiscated and emptied immediately. No flasks.
  • All beer must stay within the Sisyphus Brewing facility. 
  • Vendor’s staff may not consume alcoholic beverages while on the property during an event.
  • Legal drinking age in the state of Minnesota is 21 years old.
  • Sisyphus Brewing staff is authorized to close the bar down if alcohol consumption becomes a dangerous situation and is the cause of damage to the property. Likewise Sisyphus Brewing staff has full authority to deny guests beer and/or access to the building if deemed necessary. This will be done at the discretion of the staff and is non-negotiable.
9. Beer Availability

Sisyphus Brewing is not responsible for having certain types of beer on tap for the event. We will be happy to take input for desired styles for your event however; due to the nature of the business we will have what is available at the time.

10. Cancellation Policy
  • 90 days before your event: deposit fully refunded
  • 60 - 31 days before your event: 50% of your deposit will be refunded
  • 30 days before your event: you will be charged a cancellation fee of 75% of your rental fee and no deposit refund. 
  • 5 days before your event: you will be charged 100% of your rental fee and no deposit refund.
11. Decorations
  • All decorations must be approved by the Sisyphus Brewing staff.
  • No tape, nails or staples can be used on building surfaces. Wire, floral wire, and non-stick tape are allowed. 
  • Decorations absolutely cannot be hung on sprinkler pipes.
  • Candles may be used cautiously on table tops only. If using candles, dripless candles are mandatory, must be stationary and enclosed in non-flammable containers. Battery operated tea lights are recommended.
  • No rice, confetti, birdseed, potpourri, glitter or any substance of that nature. Bubble machines are permitted outside only. Rose petals may be used for decorating purposes on tables only, and must be cleaned up entirely at the end of the event.
  • Rose or any flower petals may not be used on the floor even if a floor runner is used.
  • All decorations, tape, and wires must be removed from the facility immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  • Linen and any other additional rental coordination is the responsibility of the renters. Drop off and pick up times must be pre-arranged with the Sisyphus Brewing event coordinator. Sisyphus Brewing is not responsible for receiving, unloading or signing for rentals. The same procedure must be followed for rental pick-up.
  • The garage door/loading area may be used for transitioning items. It is a shared space in the building and must be left completely empty of all decorations, rentals, catering or other event related property. The garage door is for loading and unloading only. Vehicles must be promptly removed after items are delivered. 
  • All personal and rental items must be removed from the event immediately following the event. Sisyphus Brewing is not responsible for the recovery of any items not taken with at the conclusion of the event. Items left behind will be thrown away. There will be a $300 clean-up fee for items left behind. This fee could increase depending on the severity of cleaning needed.
12. Agreement

It is understood and agreed that should your group fail to adhere to all rules, policies and conform to the proper use of the building, Sisyphus Brewing may, at its discretion, terminate this agreement and require the renting parties to vacate the building (during the event if necessary), forfeiting any and all fees and monies.

13. Sisyphus Brewing is not held liable for events not being held due to uncontrollable circumstances such as weather or acts of God.

14. Service Charge  

A 20% service charge will be applied to all beverage functions. 


I/We have read and understood this agreement and the policies it contains. I understand that if I/We or any of the guests or vendors at the event does not comply with this agreement or the policies the event may be immediately terminated by Sisyphus Brewing, in its sole discretion, and/or all deposits made retained by Sisyphus Brewing. I understand and agree that, in addition, I/we will be responsible and liable to Sisyphus Brewing for any costs exceeding the amount of the retained deposit.