Location: 712 Ontario Avenue W. Minneapolis HOURS: M-TH: 3-10 F/SAT: 12-12 SUN: 12-5

About Sisyphus


You might be wondering why our name so closely resembles the sexually transmitted disease that has taken from us a “Who’s Who” of history’s greats: Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Napoleon, and Alf.

It’s because no other word so closely embodies what we are doing here, in this brewery. Sisyphus is a Greek legend. He’s the guy condemned to push a rock up a hill for all eternity. Whenever it gets to the top, he must go back to the bottom to retrieve it, and begin the journey all over again. Sounds rough.

The French Philosopher/Nobel Prize Winner/All around cool dude, Albert Camus, compared the human condition to that of Sisyphus. We find ourselves in a world of repetitive action, toiling, without meaning. We long to know why we are here, what the point of this all is, and the universe gives us nothing back except for its cold indifference. But with the realization that life has no meaning, comes an opportunity.

You can create your own meaning, and occupy yourself fully with the burden, the rock, in front of you. To truly live, is to throw yourself, head on, into what can distract you from the meaninglessness of a single human life in a constantly expanding, nearly infinite universe.

That’s what we are doing here. Our rock is a barrel of beer; it’s the empty fermenters at the end of a long week; it’s everything that goes on in this place. Now that you’ve hopefully contemplated the meaninglessness of your existence, and mine, and everyone’s for that matter... how about another beer?We’d be more than happy to get you one. One need not imagine us, or Sisyphus, happy.